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Heisei Kyo-Machiya ~Modern Kyoto Machiya Living~ Intelligent Building –Taking the good from the old
KYOMO Modern Kyoto Machiya Exhibition



Liv designed modern Machiyas are “200 Year Homes”. Our brand has been acknowledged by the Sustainable Quality Homes Project under the Federal Government’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. We provide MLIT standard durable and sustainable homes using local building materials with traditional craftsmanship. The structures are tough yet simple and built to coincide with the regional climate. Simplicity in the structure makes it easier to rearrange rooms or even renovate. For a growing family or to downsize, Liv homes are made to adjust and last, so you can enjoy living comfortably for as long as possible.


01 Courtyard Gardens

Long and narrow properties are typified in the downtown area of central Kyoto City hence its nickname; Unagi no Nedoko, or Eel Bed. As the name illustrates, many of the Machiya have narrow entrances but stretch deep into the city block. There is a lot of engineering behind fully utilizing the space. The small courtyard gardens is one example. By having this garden leading in from the entrance is one way to allow light and ventilation through to the back of the house. This is one of many construction methods applied to our home concepts.

02 Washitsu – Japanese style rooms

The lintel door frames to the entrance are slightly lowered so as you bow your way into the room it’s as if you are expressing your feeling of respect. The ceilings are also at a height that is comfortable when sitting on the floor. The atmosphere of the room is very spiritual, unique to these traditional Japanese spaces. The view of the garden from your seated position and the trickle of the water will refresh you from within. As the great monk and literary author Yoshida Kenko expresses in the Harvest of Leisure; in the context of running streams and ponds of a garden, “Deep water is not as refreshing and brisk as shallow running water”. The brisk serenity of an inner veranda should extend into the rooms bring with it the outdoor light. Liv homes utilize these natural assets to its fullest.

03 Atriums

Atria were a common feature in Kyoto Machiya facing the inner courtyard. It provided light and ventilation to the interior hallway and stairwell. Heat generated in the house and from the sun will ventilate naturally which keeps lower level cool and comfortable.

04 Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has a simple but luxurious design for the best nighttime relaxation with sloped ceilings and accented roof beams. It is also equipped with a spacious walk-in closet for optimal storage.
The low lighting incorporated with the tall ceilings in this wide layout creates a relaxed atmosphere. The lace and silk window treatments can add a luxurious touch.

05 First floor living, dining kitchen and Doma (Service space)

Comfortable summer living.
As shoes worn in the house is uncustomary in traditional Japanese homes, the granite floored service space by the entrance is a convenient area for casual communication with visitors without the hassle of removing shows for a quick greeting.
As the birthplace of the Gion Festival our forefathers greatly valued neighborhood communication. This is another concept incorporated into Liv home designs.
The spacious living room on the first floor is not only perfect for entertaining guests but has comfortable temperature moderation functions. It utilizes the steady ground temperature to keep cool in the summer and naturally stores and releases solar heat for warmth in the winter. Liv homes are designed to do well for home owners and the environment.

06 Entrance

The entrance area and shoe closet is spacious with ample storage space. You can feel and enjoy the change of every season through the warm humid summers and bone tingling winters.

07 Customized furniture storage

Smart furniture storage units keep the space uncluttered and sleek. The unique and practical customized designs are convenient and essential next level living.

08 2nd Floor Living Dining & Kitchen

Winter living. Relax and unwind.
The walnut flooring brings out a warm homey feel. The classic designs of the island kitchen counter is perfect for family time. The mosaic style dividers and spacious sofa of this classic designed living room are all selected styles coordinated with traditional Japanese silver and white colors. These colors were also known to be classic royal colors of nobles in Firenze, Italy; Kyoto’s sister city.
Lace blinds are the contemporary version of the traditional paper sliding door. It gently controls the amount of natural light that shines through the room. Together with the task and ambient lighting, this living space is tranquilizing. Please enjoy the traditional concepts of a Kyoto machiya with the comfort and intelligence of a contemporary design.



Location : Kyoto, Shimogyo-ku Kawaramachi Shiokoji northwest
Hours : 10:00 to 18:00
Holiday : Wednesday ( holidays and year)
Contact : Tel.075-353-1577 Fax.075-353-1578
※ There is no dedicated and tie-up parking . Please note.

From Kyoto Station  From Central ticket gate / 7 minutes by foot
From Shichijo Station Keihan-Line  exit 1 / 8 minutes by foot
From Kawaramachi Station Hankyu-Line  By bus : Please take no4・17・205 bus and off at Shiokojitakakura(塩小路高倉) / 10minutes by foot

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House Exhibit Space (Access)