Modern Kyoto Machiya by Liv

Our designs have incorporated comfort, and modern living with the 1000 year age-old craft of vernacular Kyoto Machiya architecture.
Focusing on natural ventilation, heating and practicality, we create sustainable and intelligent living spaces that don’t depend on artificial energy which is good for the environment and our home owners.


Up close with KYOTO-HABITA?

Produced by HABITA Kyoto, nichi nichi KYO jitsu are refined customized homes constructed with local Kyoto lumber using traditional architectural building methods with the comfort and intelligence of a contemporary design.

As said in Zen teachings, Nichi nichi Ko jitsu translating to “every day is a good day” explains that one should live their life by not getting caught up in the events, but to be one with the universe and overcome each hurdle of life objectively. With one step back, you can appreciate that every day of life was a good day.

The naming concept of nichi nichi KYO jitsu homes derives from this idea. The “KO” which means good has been replaced with “KYO” which is a play one words with Kyoto and Kyo which also means 10 Quadrillion. Our living spaces are designed with the hope that our home owners will be comfortable and liberated as the number Kyo expands freely like the expansion of the universe.

Take a moment to imagine…
A home with the serene tranquility of the deep universe.
A retreat where you can return to everyday after the long hustle and bustle of the city.

Our goal is to provide a Zen living style that will bring you comfort and bliss every day for the rest of your days.


Product Value

Our experienced architects, engineers and craftsmen use the finest local Kyoto lumber (Japanese cedar and Hinoki Cypress) which is the same material used in the temples, shrines and Machiya (Traditional Kyoto style homes).
We have also exhibited our work as part of the municipal governments plan to raise awareness for an energy conserving community by preserving and modernizing Kyoto Machiya.
We will provide quality and precision home building using the traditional Habita method.
Open houses are held at the KYOMO Modern Kyoto Machiya Exhibition. It is conveniently accessible from Kyoto station. Get a feel for the authentic living spaces. Tea ceremony experiences are also offered within.

Products & Business Development

1 Providing authentic style Japanese living using local Kyoto lumber
2 Designing Japanese style spaces
3 Providing Japanese construction materials

About the brand name & logo design

The brand nichi nichi KYO jitsu gets its name from a famous quote by a zen monk.
It is a play on words where the phrase interprets to “everyday is a good day” but the good has been replaced with the first character of KYOTO which is a homonym for ‘today’ and ’10 Quadrillion’.
It coincides with the idea that you will have good days today, tomorrow and every day until the end of your days.
The Zen teachings of the original phrase nichi nichi Ko jitsu expresses the way of life where one should see every individual day of their life objectively.
Being at one with the universe will allow you to understand that as a whole, every day was a good day.
The logo has a few design variations with Kyoto’s image colors and uses relatively simple characters with the intent to leave an impression for non-Japanese speakers.
We’ve also considered logo usability for the media depicting the image of actual architectural structures.



House Exhibit Space (Access)