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Bringing you Japanese Zen influenced designs. [Zen-Style]


[Zen-Design] are living spaces made to materialize our [ Zen-Style ] concept.
Relaxing living spaces that are based on the traditional Japanese-style rooms while integrating
quality and comfort to support the American lifestyle.

We have 2 of choices.

Japanese Designed Luxury Homes for Private Homeowners [ Zen-House ]
Interior Renovation Options for Businesses [ Zen-Space ]


Japanese Designed Luxury Homes
for Private Homeowners


Interior Renovation Options
for Businesses

The necessary elements of [ Zen-Design ] spaces

There are several options such as altering the exterior, building an addition or renovating an existing room in your home.
The balance between the natural materials, light, earth tones and outdoor space makes our designs unique.

Arawashi (Exposed Beams & Pillars)

Arawashi is an architectural design technique intentionally exposing the structural beams and pillars.
The lines give definition to the space for a refined design and the subtle reflection of natural light give the space a relaxing impression.

Tatami (Japanese Rice Straw Flooring)

The floors are made from a natural organic material called Japanese Mat Rush.
It is a suitable firmness for meditation and long hours of mental concertation. There is no need to lay down carpet.
You can put down cushions to relax on the floor directly or set up furniture.

Shoji (Sliding Paper Screen Dividers)

The Japanese Washi paper used on the Shoji is made by our original method of straining wood fibers.
The paper is then carefully pressed on a wooden frame. It softens the blinding sunlight leaving the room comfortably bright.
The Shoji can also be adjusted to create a more dramatic atmosphere to the room if you are looking for something more philosophical.
Contrary to traditional wallpaper, Shoji are interchangeable which make the design elements flexible and abundant.

Ceiling Panels

The ceiling panels made from wood or bamboo moderate the amount of light that enters.
It softens the atmosphere of the room and is much easier on the eyes.
The design variety gives off a different expression than what traditional wallpaper can.
With the combination of the right lighting, your ceiling can turn into an aesthetic wonderland.

Picturesque Gardens

A garden is sure to sooth your soul, bringing out the most of nature’s beauty as if you were looking at a landscape painting.
Feel peace and tranquility as you gaze into a garden from within the room.

Organic Design

All the interior décor is Zen; Simple, Natural and Organic.
Designed by local craftsmen from Kyoto, Japan, these Zen influenced spaces are of luxury quality and comfort.



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